Chaitanya Gurukul English School


a) Board and Curriculum
The Chaitanya Gurukul trains students for examination of State Board of Maharashtra. The Syllabus of primary school, middle school and Secondary School is based on the State Government recognized books and as per NEP 2020.

The course of Studies includes Science, Maths, English, Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, Social Science, Drawing, Crafts and Physical Training

We also gives stress on co-curricular activities and holistic learning.

b) Language rules
Chaitanya Gurukul is a Semi-English Medium School. As per guidelines given by Govt. of India, we follow a three language pattern. The medium of instruction is English, Hindi and Marathi as it is the state language. We have made Marathi compulsory till 10th Standard.

c) Qualified Teachers
We take great pride in our exceptional teaching staff. Our school has a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are dedicated to provide quality education and nurturing the growth of our students. They are having a wealth of knowledge, expertise and bring enthusiasm to the classroom by creating a stimulating and supporting teaching environment.

d) Nurturing System
In Chaitanya Gurukul all the teachers are responsible to mentor fixed number of students, it is done through 1-1 counselling and career guiding.

e) Abacus
We teach abacus to our students which is important to increase the ability in children for performing Mathematics calculations. When students learn to use an Abacus, they have to use their hands and tool with beads.

f) Foundation Classes for Neet, and I.I.T.
We provide additional classes for students who have passed an elementary test. This course enable the students to become mentally and strategically strong when the actually start learning the concept and topics.

g) Preparation for I.E.O.. I.M.O. & N.S.O.
We trained students for Inter-national Maths, English and National Science Olympiad exam, preparing for such exam makes the students ready for future Competitive Exams. It also adds to their knowledge levels and help them in their academics.

h) Phonics
Phonics involves relationships between written language and spoken language, which helps the students to make connection between sound and letters. We teach phonics at different level, by which students are actually able to read and pronounce the sound correctly.

i) Scholarship
It is a Maharashtra State level exam. It is conducted for class 5th and 8th std. students. We take extra classes for students who have qualified for the test. Along with it we give extra examples for practice and mock test series are conducted at the end of teaching.

j) Navodaya
Jawahar Navodaya Entrance Examination is conducted every year by JNV Schools in India. We provide extra classes to 5th std. students by which they can crack the examination.

k) Elementary drawing exam
- Our expert trains students who are interested and have skills in drawing, according to the skill and interest the students we provide various training to our students.

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