Chaitanya Gurukul English School

Boys Welfare Committee:

While much attention is often directed towards girls' welfare, it's important to ensure that boys' needs are also addressed to achieve gender equality and promote inclusivity. .

Reasons for Boys' Welfare Committee:

1) Boys face unique challenges like mental health issues, academic pressures, and societal expectations.

2) Ensuring gender equality by addressing boys' needs alongside girls'.

3) Preventing social issues like substance abuse and violence by offering support and guidance.

4) Protecting boys from sexual harassment and providing avenues for reporting and addressing incidents

How it Helps Boys:

-Provides a safe space for boys to seek help and express themselves.

-Educates boys about their rights and responsibilities.

-Prevents injustice and harassment through awareness and support.

-Offers counseling and mentorship for personal growth.

-Fosters positive masculinity and respectful relationships.

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