Chaitanya Gurukul English School

Sports :

We understand the importance of physical fitness and the role it plays in the overall development of the student. Our School offers wide range of sports activities and encourages students to participate actively. We have world class facilities in sports like Archery, basketball, badminton, table tennis etc. We have the best equipment for Sports Activities along with it we have 12 hundred Sq.ft. of sports club which has dedicated space for Cricket, football, basketball etc. At Chaitanya Gurukul we take pride in providing our student with top notch sport facilities and equipments to support their physical fitness and skill development. Our sport facilities include.

1) Cricket Turf: At Chaitanya Gurukul we maintainad Cricket turf with standard dimensions, providing an ideal play surface for Cricket enthusiasts.

2) Table Tennis: Our school offers a high-quality table tennis equipment’s including tables, paddles and balls for student to enjoy competitive matches and hone their skills.

3) Archery: We provide archery equipment such as bow arrows and target,allowing student to learn and practice this ancient sport in a safe and supervised environment.

4) Chess: Student can engage with our quality chess sets, prompting critical thinking and problem solving skills.

5) Traditional Sports: Chaitanya Gurukul embraces traditional Indian sports such as Kho-Kho and Kabaddi etc by providing the necessary equipments and designated play areas for students and participants and compete with other.

6) Basketball: The School basket court offers ample space and high quality for student to practice shooting, dribbling and team skills.

7) Long jump and High jump: Our long jump and high jump pit meet high quality standard, providing students with safe and well equipped area to train and compete in these track and field events.

8) Volley ball: With a regulation sized volley ball court and quality nets, students can enjoy spirited matches and develop their serving and speaking abilities.

9) Football : Our football fields are meticulously maintained to professional students featuring goals post, boundary lines and quality footballs for students to show-case their skills and teamwork on the pitch.

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