Chaitanya Gurukul English School


i) Language Department

For language study in our schools that is English, Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit, we take extra topics which involves various activities along with topic in the text books. We also have dedicated text book separatefor each language especially for grammar.

ii) Science department

Our Science department is led by 4 dedicated teachers. Our teachers give hands-on experience in term of experiments and life learning.

iii) Maths department

Our Mathematics department is led by trained and experienced teachers who teaches in class room along with experience in outside the class room. We also take small basic test through (Sankalp Worksheet)

iv) EVS Department (Social Science)

History, Geography, Civics and Map are taught in creative way. All EVS teachers share their new ideas with each other so that the subject can be taught in creative way, by which students will connect and appriciate our great history of India.

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