Chaitanya Gurukul English School

Student’s Corner

It serves as a vital platform to enhance student experience, promote academic success, and provide a space for students to voice their concerns and ideas. Below are the points to help our students to make their learning journey meaningful

i) Learning Resources Hub: Access study materials and resources to excel.
ii) Clubs and Events: Join exciting activities organized by school and students.
iii) Counseling Services: Confidential support for students facing challenges.
iv) Share Your Ideas: Tell us your thoughts to improve our school.
v) Stay Updated: Get the latest news and updates.
vi) Support Desk: Reach out if you need assistance or have concerns.

Following is the list of workshop for students :

1) Smart chart
2) Anger management
3) Student workshop ( list of topic)
1) Budget
2) Reservation
3) Career Guidance
4) Public Speaking
5) Share market
6) Examination tips
7) Art of Self Management


Rules & Regulation:

Discipline: Students are expected to adhere to proper discipline both within the school premises and outside.
Dialogue Book Check: Parents are required to regularly check their child's dialogue book for any updates or communication from the school.
Medical Leave Certificate: Parents must provide a medical leave certificate if their child remains absent for more than three consecutive days due to illness or medical reasons.
Parent Workshops: It is mandatory for parents to attend all parent meetings and workshops organized by the school.
Parent-Teacher Meetings: Parents can schedule meetings with teachers on Saturdays only, provided they have made a prior appointment.
Appointment with Principal: Any issues or concerns regarding the school or its management should be discussed with the Principal, but only with a prior appointment.
Attendance Requirement: Students are required to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance to be eligible to appear for examinations and participate in school activities.

You can always give us feedback on the following form:

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